Boost-My.Link pre-registration is open

We are glad to announce the pre-registration session for the service!

What is that service?

Boost-My.Link is a link building platform, but not the way you imagine or already use them. Boost-My.Link try to create kind of a "social link building network".

In other link building platforms, you create an offer, find a writer to write a blog post about your products or service, pay him and you get one backlink for dozen dollars.

Boost-My.Link is different in essence, we don't remunerate writers because the writers are you! You create content the way you already do directly from the CMS you like.

We provide some partners your content is actually matching (using a keyword extractor on the text you've just typed) and if you agree you just add his link to your content.

Doing so, you win a token.

This token is the promise that someone will do the same for you : create a content that match your products or services, and add your link into his content.

You can discover more about the service into the Q&A section.

When will it be ready?

We are working hard to make the service fully available for the first quarter of 2021.

For now you can pre-register, provide the activity domain of the website you are maintaining and your credentials will be sent as soon as the service are fully ready.

Pre-Register now

and get three months of free service!

We need you to set your activity domain, so we can create the corresponding domains in our database to not propose to you to add link to your competitors.

We'll probably open the service to some of you for beta-testing, so we also need your activity-domain to select some matching contents

To have a chance to be selected for beta-testing chose to be notified on any update during the pre-registration period, that's not to fill your email inbox of useless message.

Once the pre-registration period is past, you will not receive update anymore. You'll be asked to check another checkbox if you want to.