Frequently asked questions

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What's the point of this tool?

SEO is a mystery. Kind of a secret recipe, varying on every search engine algorithm update. But two ingredients have never changed: you should create link to related content, and you need others to link related content to your site.

This platform saves you time in theses processes and propose to create links from the members content to other members websites. Creating kind of a related-content websites network.

Just pick one before submitting your content and go on.

Is it time consuming?

No! Once configured, you just write content the way you already do, directly from your website.

Then, the provided plugin for your favorite CMS will take care of searching for you the best possible partner.

Where is the difference with others link building platforms?

Almost all others platforms rely on a Writer <=> Client schema: you want a link, you pay dozens dollars to a writer who publish an article on his blog talking about the products you're selling. That's fine, but did you know that most of the writers are doing this as their full-time job?

If his next job is to write about a grocery store. What's the value of his article about your jewelery store beside of all other various and non-related posts of his blog?

Our writers are you! You write posts about your products, and we provide partners related to it. And other members do the same for you.

Which CMS is supported?

WordPress and OctoberCMS are supported natively, other CMS according to demand, and a SDK will be developed to ease the integrations in other CMS or even in hand made blog.

Which language is supported?

For now, those languages are supported by the text analyzer:

  • English
  • Spanish/español
  • French/le français
  • Polish/język polski
  • Russian/русский язык
  • Brazilian Portuguese/português do Brasil
  • European Portuguese/português europeu
  • Sorani Kurdish/سۆرانی
  • Arabic (United Arab Emirates)/لإمارات العربية المتحدة
  • German (Germany)/Deutsch
Should I change my writing style to match more partners?

No! We don't want you to change anything in the way you're writing your content.

The text analyzer is getting smarter on every update to match the best partner for your content and new possible partners are registering every day!

The text analyzer didn't found any partner, what should I do?

Nothing. If no partner was found, the analyzer saves the extracted keywords from your text.

If a new partner appear, you'll be notified and proposed to add his link as soon as he registered a keyword that matches your content.

How much a backlink costs with this platform?

That only depends on you! There is no backlinks limits in any of our licences. You pay a monthly licence, the more you write and insert other members links, the more you get backed.

Our algorithm favorize the active members who follow the game.

And even if you don't create much content, our first licence monthly cost is 4x cheaper than just one backlink in other platforms!

How do you measure the quality of the members' websites?

During the visit of a website, some information are sent to our server. No privacy data is sent, they're just kind of counters.

Some of the data we get:

  • How many unique visitor visit the website
  • How many pages is visited
  • How many other members links are displayed

Using theses counters, we are calculating a score of the popularity of a website.

How do I know that my link is not removed on other members websites?

We are making sure of it for you! Meanwhile we are adding features to the platform, we are developing a bot who watch the members websites to process differents verifications:

  • verify the website is not down, so you don't link a dead website in your content
  • verify the members don't remove the platform's links
  • verify the content of the website match the domain and keywords it has been registered with.

Additional verifications are added on each update of the platform to make sure the platform's link is quality-pure.