How to create quality content for search engine

No matter what your blog is focused on or the products you are selling, if you want to increase your position into SERP, you need to create content.

Write content: ok, but how to optimize the content for the search engines

Robots become humans. Write for humans, not for robot

The most common and accurate advice you will see everywhere is that you should not focus on providing optimized content for the search engines, but for your visitors - and potential customers -. A decade ago, you could have made optimized content providing the same keyword or synonym many times in a text, randomly placed. You should avoid it now and create posts with valuable content for your visitors.

AI was introduced few yers ago in search engines and acts as they were real humans, searching for quality content as if their would be real customers visiting your website.

Be concise

When you write your text about your product, you don't want to miss anything and you provide the most possible details. That's good but you need to have limits. If you are selling kitchens, don't talk about the cutlery the customer could store into the drawers or the awesome food they could cook with the oven you install.

Be concise, just talk about your product: the material, the various colors, the handles.

Don't focus on how long is your text

This is not the most logical advice, and you'll read elsewhere that you need to follow a minimum word count to make your content better for the search engine. But you can ignore them, according to John Mueller - Search Advocate at Google -, word count is not a metric for measuring what is a good content.

Be focused on providing the most possible accurate content, no matter if you write 150 or 400 words. If you think that you've covered all the details about the product you are talking about, stop writing and publish your post.