How to increase my position in search engine results page

Search engine optimization is a full time job. You could work on it all day long for weeks to increase or maintain your position into SERP.

The magic recipe doesn't exist. Different methods exist but their impact change with every search engine update. And because the impact may appears few days or weeks after you made a change in your way to work, it's hard to know what worked and what didn't. What optimization worth to spend time on it, and what does not.

There is three things that never changed:

  1. The more content you have, the more you have pages into the search engine index.
  2. Higher is the quality of your content, higher will be your position in the SERP.
  3. The more you have backlinks from other websites that link yours, the more the search engine understand that your content is valuable.

Boost-My.Link helps you in these three steps:

  • It encourages you to create more and more content to include other members links and get coins.
  • Create more content will teach you how to create increase the quality of your publications.
  • It will make you get backlinks from the other members of the platform.

Boost-My.Link is a new way to create a network of backlinks and value your content.

Your content is not just a text anymore. Our text analyzer extract the keywords, find a partner to link and you earn coins to add his link.

Your content is now paid at its fair value before you even posted it.

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Backlinks are good, outgoing links doesn't make you lose any "juice"

For years, we talked about "the juice" of a website: getting backlinks made the juice come in, and making outgoing links made it go to the linked website. The more you had juice, the higher you were ranked so it was a good idea to not create outgoing links.

This is a thought to be banned as it is totally obsolete now. Recently a Search Advocate at Google tweeted about the outgoing links. He said that there is no limit about the number of links in your posts, and you should be more focused about the visitor's experience than the number of links in your content. A good advice.

What you should not do!

In addition to what you should take care of when you are working on increasing your position into SERP, there are some stuff that we know is to avoid, discover few of them below

Don't flood your page of keywords, even in the footer.

A decade ago, a basic step to increase your SEO was to inject the keywords you want many many (many) times on the page.

You should avoid it today because search engine will do the inverse of what you may expect from it. You can even be blacklisted from it.

Never copy another content

Copy content is a banned method to create content, for the creators you may have copied illegally, and the search engines that will know it.