What is a link building platform

What means Link Building?

First, what describe the Link Building term?

Link Building is the fact to create a network of links on the web that redirect to your website. Doing so, search engines will increase your position into SERP.

Why? Just because if anybody else links your website, it's probably because he liked it and wanted to share a premium-quality article that you've posted on a specific theme with his visitors.

For years, the search engines has evolved and are now searching for quality content to display to the visitors. The more you get backlinks, the more the search engine feels like your content is quality. The more your get featured in its results.

What is a Link Building Platform

A Link Building Platform is a platform where you can buy backlinks.

The links are made by writers that write all day long. They write an article about you, your services or the products you sell and get paid dozens of dollars for just one link - in addition to the platform's fees -.

The links are made by writers that do that only for the money: They write about a luxury shop on monday morning, and about a cupcake shop in the afternoon.

Tuesday, wednesday, thursday are past, and now the wonderful post about your pet care shop the writer made for you out of any context is lost between the cupcakes, sausages and pastries. What a mess!

Boost-My.Link - The other way to create backlinks

Boost-My.Link is different of other platforms, because you don't pay for the backlinks. You pay to access a network that welcome many content creators, like you.

You pay 4x cheaper for a month of subscription than just one backlink in a post of a writer from another classic platform.

You can generate many backlinks in just a month of subscription, there is no backlinks limit, as long as you do the same for the other members of the network.

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Boost-My.Link analyze the post you're typing into the blog section of your website, it extracts the keywords and provides you a list of potential partners that match some content into your text.

Then you decide to add a link - or not - into your post to link another member of the platform.

We'll never ask you to link your competitors, that's why you mention your activity domain on subscription.

Boost-My.Link takes care of your links

We not only provides you partner. We also make sure that the link you've created, and those that members created for you are still live.

Because the search engines dislike the links that may lead the visitors to an error page, we make sure that the link you've added inside your blog are still live. If it doesn't anymore, we replace it to link another member of the platform that is corresponding to the keyword and activity domain that you've accepted previously.

You get notified whenever this operation is made, you can still revoke the link or manually choose another partner.